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How To Apply

The application process is completed online. Guidance, requirements and steps for the application are summarised below.

UK Candidates

  1. ARCP Outcome 1 (At ST6)

  2. Three Structured Reference Forms
    • Referee 1:
      • A- Training program director - Applicants in training
      • B- Current Lead Clinician/Head of Department/ Medical director - Applicants NOT in training

    • Referees 2 and 3: Consultant trainers/Supervising consultants or Senior Colleagues, in the specialty with direct experience of the trainee’s current clinical practice within the last 2 years.

   3. Valid ID (This needs to be presented on day of exam)

    • A- Current valid passport
    • B- Current valid UK photocard driving licence

   4. Operative summary (eLogbook)

   5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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International Candidates

  1.  Successfully completed a locally registered, higher Trauma and Orthopaedic training programme.

  2. Evidence of completion of 4 years surgical training following award of MRCS or equivalent.

  3. Successful completion of MRCS examination of one of the four Surgical Royal Colleges, but this is not mandatory.

  4. Three Structured Reference Forms:

      • Referee 1: Head of Department or Head of the Recognised Training Committee/Programme in which you have participated.
      • Referees 2 and 3: Senior clinician who has worked with the applicant and has knowledge of the applicant’s work in his/her specialty within the last 2 years Three Structured Reference Forms

  5. Valid ID (This needs to be presented AND valid on day of exam)

  6. Current valid passport

  7. Operative summary (Template)

  8. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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